Capitol Chinese Orchestra was founded in 2010 by a group of enthusiastic music lovers to elevate Chinese music to the public.  It is a non-profit organization with approximately 32 members on the roster ranging from 10 to 87 years of age.  Our members are part-time musicians who are also educators, accountants, engineers, students, physical therapist, housewives and retirees.


Every Saturday from 3:30 pm to 5:30pm at 420 I Street, Suite 5, Sacramento, CA 95814


Our mission is to promote Chinese music by playing to the public and training musicians regardless of their ethnic, age, sex and background, and to reach out and provide entertainment, in particular to senior citizens with community engagements.


The primary objectives and purposes of this organization are:

  • To promote Chinese music
  • To train members to play Chinese music
  • To reach out and to serve the local community such as visiting nursing homes, children hospitals and schools.
  • To provide entertainment to the public for social and cultural functions, such as Pacific Rim, Chinese New Year, California State Fair and autumn festival.


Membership in this organization is open to all who is interested in Chinese music.  There is no limit on the number of members the orchestra may admit.

There are 2 classes of members - regular members, and junior/student members.

Regular members include all members who are over 18 years of age.  Membership fees are $20/month.

Junior/Student members include all members who are under 20 years of age.  No membership fees are required.